Scott Goen

owner of Hail Pro, Inc

Scott was trained in the art of PDR through an apprenticeship program back in 1994. Initially Scott worked as an independent contractor or “storm chaser” working on location anywhere in the U.S. following the wake of hail storms to repair hail damaged vehicles through local collision centers or directly for insurance companies by writing estimates and performing PDR work to repair hail damaged vehicles approved for repair. Fortunately, a hail storm in San Antonio brought him to the Alamo city in 2000 and Hail Pro Inc. was born.

Consistent pricing and quality

Hail Pro was formed to service the community with the most environmentally automotive repair process on the planet! Hail Pro Techs repair door dings, minor dents (where no paint has cracked or pealed), and hail damage to vehicles using specialized tools from the inside out! Most often repairs are completed in one third the time it takes to repair the same damage with conventional collision repair or body work. Furthermore, Hail Pro PDR not only successfully repairs the damage but the process does not void the manufacturer’s paint warranty. All repair estimates are FREE and based on a industry standard rate matrix to ensure consistency with quotes.

Hail Pro is truly a different PDR company combining the art and skill of PDR with the convenience of a brick and mortar location with customer waiting area, Wifi Bar, and excellent customer service.